Go beyond push

It takes more than 140 characters
to engage your customers

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Limitless creativity

Create and publish engaging messages on mobile

  • Spark user action with images, videos, links, coupons, and even fake phone calls
  • Deliver full-screen experiences directly to your app in a branded Message Stream
  • Amplify existing content and drive traffic to your websites and social pages
  • Customize and create new experiences with HTML5
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Personalized engagement

Reach the right customer with the right message

  • Geotarget by country, region, or even city block
  • Customize by user behavior and technology
  • Localize for language and timezone
  • Freedom to tag anything in your app for retargeting

Actionable analytics

Maximize your mobile app ROI

  • Target smarter with demographic, technology, and geography audience insights
  • Uncover user behaviors, track message performance, and A/B test
  • Receive personalized performance reports and weekly updates directly to your inbox
  • And, see how apps are used in real time across the globe!

Results you can measure
Insights you can act on

Powerful analytics so you can see what’s working in real time, perfect your approach, and drive bigger results

Why Carnival

Trigger messages

Drive more engagement with less effort

  • Automate messages to re-engage customers at specific moments
  • Geofence to prompt users entering or exiting custom geolocations
  • Seamlessly execute content calendars with advanced scheduling and publishing approvals
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"We recommend Carnival Mobile Marketing Suite to all of our clients as we believe it is the best solution on the market for engaging customers in a meaningful way. On every project, Carnival's client success team has worked tirelessly to maximise the engagement and retention of both our client’s, and our own, mobile audiences." - Nic Gibbens, CEO PaperKite

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